Exposed: The Coal Insurers of Last Resort

Insurance contracts obtained by the Insure Our Future campaign show how utilities are struggling to find companies to underwrite new coal power projects, reveals a report Exposed: The Coal Insurers of Last Resort. Details of which companies insure which projects are rarely disclosed, so the contracts for KEPCO, Korea’s national power utility, give a unique snapshot …

The Insurance Industry is Attempting to Weaken Climate-Related Regulation

Today, think tank Influence Map released a report that details the US insurance industry’s efforts, via their trade associations, to weaken climate-related regulation of insurers. The findings provide evidence that, contrary to public statements made by insurers about the grave risk that climate change poses to their industry and the economy, insurance trade associations are …

Fueling Climate Change: The Insurers Behind Brazil’s Offshore Oil Expansion

Global insurance companies Chubb, MAPFRE, and Tokio Marine insure the majority of Brazil’s offshore oil and gas drilling, according to a report entitled Fueling Climate Change: The Insurers Behind Brazil’s Offshore Oil Expansion released by Insure Our Future. Based on previously undisclosed documents, the report finds that these three companies insure Brazil’s national oil company Petrobras, which …

NEW REPORT: U.S. Insurance Companies Undermine Climate Targets by Supporting Oil & Gas Expansion and Providing a Last Lifeline to Coal

The U.S. insurance industry is undermining efforts to meet climate targets by continuing to support new oil and gas production, the Insure Our Future campaign reveals today in its fifth annual scorecard on insurers’ climate policies.

U.S. Insurers Fail on Climate Action

U.S. insurance companies lag behind their global peers and play a key role in enabling the fossil fuel industry, the Insure Our Future campaign revealed today in its fourth annual scorecard on insurers’ climate policies.

Every Two Weeks, An Investor, Bank, or Insurer Restricts Coal Funding

A report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) released in late February found that on average, somewhere in the world, a bank, lender, or insurer restricts their funding for the coal sector.
No major US insurance companies are among these financiers ditching coal – when will US insurers’ actions reflect the economic and planetary reality?

Insurers in UK and US Lagging Behind in Divesting from Coal, Report Finds

Julia Kollewe | The Guardian | December 3, 2018
UK and US insurers are lagging far behind European firms when it comes to divesting from coal-heavy businesses and refusing to insure them, campaigners have warned.
At least 19 major insurers holding more than $6tn in assets – a fifth of the industry’s global assets – have now divested from coal, according to a report from the Unfriend Coal campaign, which represents a coalition of a dozen environmental groups including Greenpeace, and the Sierra Club.

U.S. Insurers Provide Lifeline to Coal as Global Insurance Market Shrinks

Report shows European insurers leading on restricting coal industry’s access to underwriting while U.S. insurers undermine action to tackle climate change
U.S. insurance companies are lagging behind their international peers on climate action, reveals Insuring Coal No More, the second annual scorecard on the industry from the Unfriend Coal campaign. U.S. insurers are enabling the construction of new coal-fired power plants, which is undermining international efforts to avoid dangerous climate change, the report warns.

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