California Homeowners Face Billions in Property Loss from Climate-Related Insurance Non-Renewals

The ‘Dirty Dozen’ insurers—that restricted coverage in California citing climate risks—have $113B of investments in and $3.6B of underwriting income from fossil fuels. California homeowners face a potentially staggering economic blow due to climate-related insurance non-renewals. Insure Our Future’s analysis finds homeowners could lose between $9.87-32.1 billion in property value as a result of more …

Factsheet: The Future is Uninsured

This fact sheet was developed as a companion piece to Analysis: California Homeowners Face Billions in Property Loss from Climate-Related Insurance Non-Renewals. Page 1: Page 2:

The Insurance Industry is Attempting to Weaken Climate-Related Regulation

Today, think tank Influence Map released a report that details the US insurance industry’s efforts, via their trade associations, to weaken climate-related regulation of insurers. The findings provide evidence that, contrary to public statements made by insurers about the grave risk that climate change poses to their industry and the economy, insurance trade associations are …

In Global First, Connecticut Passes Bill Addressing Insurers’ Participation in Risky Fossil Fuel Finance

The Connecticut General Assembly passed a bill implementing the state budget, which includes a provision requiring the Connecticut Department of Insurance to address the climate-related risks of insurers. This provision, Section 346 of the bill, will be the nation’s first law requiring insurers to address climate risk.

Public Interest Groups Seek Nation’s First Rule Mandating Insurance Companies Disclose the Fossil Fuel Projects They Insure

Insurers Blame Climate Change For Mounting Catastrophe Losses Yet Still Insure the Fossil Fuel Infrastructure That Exacerbates Wildfires, Mudslides and Flooding
LOS ANGELES, CA — More than 60 environmental, consumer and social justice organizations petitioned California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara today seeking first in the nation emergency regulations to require insurance companies to disclose the fossil fuel projects they insure, even as climate change-exacerbated catastrophes are costing insurance companies billions.

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