Analysis: Chubb’s new conservation and methane standards remain inadequate but should exclude support for EACOP

New criteria falls short of aligning with 1.5°C San Francisco – In a SEC filing of “Additional Proxy Soliciting Materials” Chubb quietly updated its oil, gas, and conservation policies. RAN’s analysis, released ahead of Chubb’s Annual General Meeting Thursday, May 16th, has concluded that while the updates are a small improvement, the loopholes and narrow scope result in policies …

Connecticut Climate Activists Rally at Travelers Shareholder Meeting

Hartford, CT — Today, Connecticut climate activists returned to the Travelers Annual Shareholder meeting to demand the company take real action on climate change and human rights. Activists from Connecticut Citizen Action Group (CCAG) and Third Act CT circled the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Hartford, while inside, activist shareholders engaged with management on the dangers …

80% of employees are ready to take action on climate change at work

As one of the world’s biggest fossil fuel insurers, insurance giants like Travelers can play a pivotal role in reaching global climate goals. As Travelers prepares for its annual general meeting, it faces a critical moment—yet again—to align its practices with the climate and human rights expectations of today’s workforce and Travelers’ community. Climate-Conscious Students …

Campaigners Demand ‘Polluters Pay’ as Insurance Industry Meet for Inaugural Sustainability Summit

Today, as the insurance industry convenes for the first Global Sustainable Insurance Summit in Los Angeles, the 32 campaign groups of the Insure Our Future network have sent a letter to the world’s leading fossil fuel insurers, detailing how they can accelerate the transition to a clean and just energy economy.   Demands in the letter …

California Homeowners Face Billions in Property Loss from Climate-Related Insurance Non-Renewals

The ‘Dirty Dozen’ insurers—that restricted coverage in California citing climate risks—have $113B of investments in and $3.6B of underwriting income from fossil fuels. California homeowners face a potentially staggering economic blow due to climate-related insurance non-renewals. Insure Our Future’s analysis finds homeowners could lose between $9.87-32.1 billion in property value as a result of more …

Factsheet: The Future is Uninsured

This fact sheet was developed as a companion piece to Analysis: California Homeowners Face Billions in Property Loss from Climate-Related Insurance Non-Renewals. Page 1: Page 2:

Connecticut To Make Insurance Companies That Enable Fossil Fuel Projects Foot Bill For Climate Disasters

Innovative approach by lawmakers in the ‘insurance capital’ has national significance as soaring insurance premiums driven by extreme weather strain household budgets countrywide HARTFORD, CT – Today, the Connecticut General Assembly Environment Committee voted to approve the Governor’s Climate Resiliency bill (SB11) with an amendment that advances a climate resiliency fund to support communities in …

Millions of Consumers Lack Vital Homeowners Insurance, Resulting in $1.6 Trillion in Unprotected Market Value

Originally posted on Consumer Federation of America.  Washington, D.C.—A new report by Consumer Federation of America (CFA) reveals that over six million homeowners lack homeowners insurance, leaving them dangerously unprotected from natural disasters and other significant damage that might happen to their homes. The report estimates that 7.4% of all homeowners in the country are uninsured, accounting …

Thousands Take Part In Powerful Global Week Of Action Demanding Insurance Industry Take Climate Action

This week has been an incredible global week of action for the Insure Our Future campaign, with thousands of people taking part in over 100 actions across 31 countries in 5 continents, including over 100,000 people taking action online. In-person actions include protests in Japan, South Korea, Nigeria, Uganda, Indonesia, UK, USA, Philippines, Pakistan, Tanzania, …

Global Week of Action Calls on Insurance Companies to Take Urgent Climate Action

The insurance industry holds the key to a safer, prosperous future if they act now. Over 100 roups in over 27 countries across 5 continents are holding over 80 demonstrations, marches, direct actions and events this week with a clear message: Insure Our Future, not fossil fuels. The insurance industry is uniquely positioned to drive …

Arch Becomes Eighteenth Insurer to Sever Ties with the Trans Mountain Tar Sands Pipeline

Number of insurers ruling out Trans Mountain continues to grow, following a year of climate impacts along the pipeline route and continued pressure from activists. London, UK (May 3, 2022) – Trans Mountain insurer and Lloyd’s of London syndicate Arch Insurance has committed to no longer insure the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline after its …

Trans Mountain Insurer Aspen Commits to Cut Ties with the Tar Sands Pipeline

Aspen joins sixteen companies that have ruled out insuring Trans Mountain London, UK (April 21, 2022) – Trans Mountain insurer and Lloyd’s of London syndicate Aspen Insurance has pledged to cut ties with the existing Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline when its current insurance policy expires this summer. Aspen joins sixteen insurance companies that have …

15th Insurer Rules out Coverage for the Trans Mountain Pipeline

Lloyd’s of London syndicate Cincinnati Global Underwriting has ruled out insuring the existing Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline and the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Trans Mountain Insurer Argo Commits to Cut Ties with the Pipeline Company

Argo joins more than ten companies that will not insure Trans Mountain, citing no “risk appetite” for tar sands pipelines.

Lloyd’s Adopts New Fossil Fuel Policy; U.S. Insurers Under Pressure

Lloyd’s announcement highlights the ever-growing gap between U.S. insurance companies and their global peers on climate action.

U.S. Insurers Fail on Climate Action

U.S. insurance companies lag behind their global peers and play a key role in enabling the fossil fuel industry, the Insure Our Future campaign revealed today in its fourth annual scorecard on insurers’ climate policies.

Who’s Insuring the Trans Mountain Pipeline?

A new campaign is demanding these companies respect Indigenous rights and drop their coverage.

Insurers in UK and US Lagging Behind in Divesting from Coal, Report Finds

Julia Kollewe | The Guardian | December 3, 2018
UK and US insurers are lagging far behind European firms when it comes to divesting from coal-heavy businesses and refusing to insure them, campaigners have warned.
At least 19 major insurers holding more than $6tn in assets – a fifth of the industry’s global assets – have now divested from coal, according to a report from the Unfriend Coal campaign, which represents a coalition of a dozen environmental groups including Greenpeace, and the Sierra Club.

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