Travelers Must Act Now on Climate, Racial Justice, and Indigenous Rights.

Upcoming Shareholder Resolutions are the Path Forward:

At Travelers’ annual general meeting on May 24, investors have the power to shape a sustainable future. We are urging investors to vote yes on shareholder resolutions calling on the insurance company to:

  • Phase out underwriting of new fossil fuel projects.
  • Align its underwriting and investments portfolio with a 1.5ºC pathway.
  • Conduct a racial equity audit that incorporates considerations of Free, Prior, and Informed Consent

Filed by Green Century Funds, As You Sow and Trillium, respectively.

Travelers’ opportunity to be a climate leader

Travelers is one of the largest oil and gas insurers in the world. Green Century Funds filed a resolution calling on  Travelers to phase out underwriting of new fossil fuel projects. This resolution will also be on the proxy ballot at The Hartford this year.

Without insurance, most fossil fuel projects such as new coal plants, oil pipelines, or methane gas terminals cannot be built or operated. Green Century’s resolution calls on the board of directors to “adopt and disclose a policy for the timebound phase out of Travelers’ underwriting risks associated with new fossil fuel exploration and development projects, aligned with the IPCC’s recommendation to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C.”

A shareholder movement demanding smart investment in our future

“Investors are demanding that insurance companies stop supporting the rampant expansion of fossil fuels that is driving the climate crisis. They are part of a growing shareholder movement calling on companies to align their business with a 1.5°C pathway. As the ‘Insurance capital of the world’ insurers in Connecticut should be industry leaders and move towards a more sustainable future” said Tom Swan, executive director of Connecticut Citizen Action Group.

Last year, Travelers faced an unprecedented challenge from investors with two climate resolutions on the ballot, one of which passed at the company’s annual general meeting. That resolution has been filed again by the shareholder advocacy firm As You Sow and requests a plan for reductions of insured emissions in line with a net-zero pathway.

In order to remain within safe climate limits, mitigate climate risks – including reputational risk, litigation risk, and physical risk from insured losses – investors should vote for Green Century Funds’ resolution calling on Travelers to phase out underwriting of new fossil fuel projects.

If you own stocks in Travelers (NYSE: TRV), you have the power to vote YES on these proposals.

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