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Municipalities set the bar for climate action but their insurance premiums fund fossil fuels

Municipalities spend a lot on insurance premiums to protect their employees, their infrastructure, and vital public services, increasingly so in the face of uncertainties brought by climate change. However, these premiums are being invested into fossil fuels and in many cases, the same companies providing insurance to a city also insure construction and operation of coal plants, gas pipelines, and offshore oil drilling.

As policyholders, cities can help create demand for sustainable insurance. They can call on their carriers to stop underwriting and investing in fossil fuels and enact procurement policies giving preference to carriers that have limited fossil fuel financing.

Efforts to date:

Elected officials, risk managers, and sustainability officers can all be a part of this solution. Aligning your city’s insurance procurement policies with sustainability goals makes sense and is a real solution from the public sector.

Why buy insurance against climate risks from the same insurance companies that are making the problem worse by financing fossil fuels?


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